Ghibli and Edo-Era Inspired Sea Life Image

August 2016

Resources Used:

Great Wave off Kanagawa (

Print I used as reference in my own image.

The Great Wave

I used an image of the famous painting, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai. Imported and traced it entirely inside of Photoshop. Complements Studio Ghibli’s style with old, Edo-era, style art.

Animated Fish from Ponyo

Used these creatures as a reference for the bigger fish at the bottom.

Studio Ghibli Fish

Added layers above the classic print, adding fish loosely based on images found on Google. The fish at the bottom are based on the creatures seen in the movie “Ponyo” by Studio Ghibli.

Imported a scale image and burned it with the blue of the fish at the bottom to give them scales. I also overlaid a watercolor texture over the entire image and burned it against all the colors. This gave the creatures at the top, as well as the background, vibrant blotches and popping colors.

Sealife Mural Concept

A quick rendition of what I wanted the final image to look like.

The Idea

The original idea had the entire image based on the swirl of the Golden ratio circling towards the center.