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  • 16 Ways to Reduce Arduino Compile Size

    There are many ways to reduce the compile size of a programming project. Varying in complexity and cost, here are 16 of the ways I’ve used to reduce the size of my projects.

  • OZ Logo: the Virtual World

    OZ — A Virtual Metaverse

    Hi! Adam here. Let’s talk about OZ. Sorry, OZ does not really exist(yet…), but it’s still an interesting concept that we’re seeing more interest in with the advent of VR and Facebook’s…

  • Picture of a the finished game being played.

    Create a Simple Mobile Game in Unity3D

    A guide on how to optimize and develop a first person mobile app in the horror genre within Unity. Download the example app from the Google Play Store.

  • Limbo Featured Image

    Visual Effects in “Limbo” by Playdead

    Limbo uses Box2D and OpenGL for the in-game effects. This system works in real time, but I’ve replicated it in Photoshop and uploaded the PSD for free.