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  • SimmiMega: Micro-Game Making Machine (Dev Log #2)

    After the last dev log, I was trying to wire the resistive touchscreen wires directly to some of the unused analog pins left on the ESP-32, but I realized I didn’t have…

  • SimmiMega: Embedded Game Engine/Editor (Dev Log #1)

    When I was first learning C and 2D arrays, my mind immediately went to old-school dungeon crawling games like NetHack. I made a simple game for an embedded system where you walked…

  • The wiring diagram/pinout for the Raspberry Pi Pico.

    Pi Pico not Mounting in Bootsel Mode

    When working with the Pi Pico, I ran into this issue and spent too long debugging. This is what worked for me: Consider setting up a Picoprobe for easier breakpoint debugging too:…

  • 16 Ways to Reduce Arduino Compile Size

    There are many ways to reduce the compile size of a programming project. Varying in complexity and cost, here are 16 of the ways I’ve used to reduce the size of my projects.

  • OZ Logo: the Virtual World

    OZ — A Virtual Metaverse

    Let’s talk about OZ. OZ is a virtualized parallel world explored in many works, notably by Mamoru Hosoda in Summer Wars and the Digimon movie. The possibility of connecting everyone through the Internet…

  • Picture of a the finished game being played.

    Create a Simple Mobile Game in Unity3D

    A guide on how to optimize and develop a first person mobile app in the horror genre within Unity. Download the example app from the Google Play Store.

  • Limbo Featured Image

    Visual Effects in “Limbo” by Playdead

    Limbo uses Box2D and OpenGL for the in-game effects. This system works in real time, but I’ve replicated it in Photoshop and uploaded the PSD for free.